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Agency Tailor Made Tours was established to represent Serbia as it actually is, a country rich of history, beautiful nature, cheerful and good people who need very little to be happy and cities that despite many scars shine in full splendor. The agency offers you the possibility of making your own tours and adjustments to tourist’s wishes and needs. We were established in order to present Serbia in a way that it deserves, because it has much more to offer than what you could find out so far.
Your time, wishes and possibilities are the main parameters in creating the tour regarding your needs, where we have a task to provide you comfy transportation and guidance of licensed tourist guide in realization of visiting the destinations that will fascinate you and you will remember them for a long time.
Feel free to contact us, choose your desired destinations in Serbia, choose the walking tours through the city centers or driving to the site, that you wish to see in the period of time you have. We are here to reveal the beauty of Serbia to you, and make your visit unforgettable.
Resavska 34,
11000 Belgrade, Serbia
PIB: 109926750
+381 65 33 10 009 .:.


Resavska 34, 11000 Belgrade
PIB: 109926750
+381 65 33 10 009

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